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68 – Lillian & Julia Vs Mary & Muriel Beyond Bechdel

This episode delves into Hollywood history and the fascinating back story surrounding the 1977 Oscar-winning movie 'Julia'. Based on the memoirs of playwright Lillian Hellman and starring Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave, Julia is a strange and thrilling story about Hellman's real life brush with espionage and German fascism…or is it? After the film was released and won 3 Oscars (including for Adapted Screenplay) it was suggested by Hellman's rival Mary McCarthy that Hellman may have inserted herself into the narrative, and the 'facts' may actually be a fiction, or worse, taken from someone's else life story. Contrarah and Nick look at the moral implications of fabricating film plots, the role of male screenwriters in writing believable female friendships and the 'she said, she said' nature of professional female rivalry. Truth is stranger than fiction, but what exactly is the truth?!
  1. 68 – Lillian & Julia Vs Mary & Muriel
  2. 67 – How Ella Greenwood Became an Award-winning Filmmaker by Shining a Light on Teen Mental Health.
  3. 66 – Were the most popular movies of 2020 actually bad?
  4. 65 – Paris, Open City (for Filmmakers and Content Creators)
  5. 64 – Jen loves Producers, Becky loves Authors, I Love Dick

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